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About The Owner

Asia Roscoe is a May 2020 Howard University graduate with a B.B.A in Marketing. She started Above The Baar in June 2020 with a goal in mind to expand the market of satin lined headwear. With many brands focusing on one item, Asia has a goal to focus on expanding the brand to a full line of satin lined headwear with a variety of options in each category ranging from satin lined hoodies to satin lined floppy hats. As an entrepreneur, Asia wears many hats and recently found a love for web design when creating the new site. She then took an interest in UX Design and has fallen in love. In addition to Above The Baar, Asia also runs a successful blog where she documents her journey in UX Design and how she uses it to further her business. Asia has always been passionate about helping others and aims to continue to do so through her influence.
Asia R.
Above The Baar is where beauty meets fashion. We pride ourselves on quality and providing a desired experience for the established woman.
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Our Values

Mission: Above the Baar’s mission is to promote the importance of protecting your natural hair by creating collections of fashionable and practical satin-lined headwear.

Vision: Above The Baar’s vision is to elevate Black beauty by creating an online destination where beauty meets fashion. We feature products made exclusively for and by the African American community to complement our natural beauty.

Above The Baar strives to provide an exceptional experience to the established woman.

About The Brand

Above the Baar was created in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic as a passion project. Asia has always wanted to become an entrepreneur and decided to try entrepreneurship during the pandemic as a personal project. Satin-lined headwear was introduced to the brand in January of 2021 and has since taken off. The idea came about after seeing many people with natural hair wearing scarves and durags under their hoods and hats in an effort to protect their natural hair. That’s when she thought to create a full line of satin-lined headwear. If it goes on your head, it should be lined with satin!

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Email: hello@abovethebaar.com
Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

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